TRUTH Q13.1, Q17.81, Q53.27-8

My sister once pointed out (especially in the early years of our marriage) that my husband and I love to argue. Not to worry, it is often good-natured argument; we got nothing but love for each other.

There was something I observed though; when either of us is completely sure about something, there is no argument. Why? Well, if he is 100% sure of something, he simply states it and doesn’t argue to prove his point; same with me. When I am absolutely certain of what I am saying, I simply smile when he is trying to refute my statement. Funny thing is, we tend to take each other more seriously when we don’t argue.

This reminds me of my university days too. During group study when reviewing past multiple choice questions, an argument may erupt. Those arguing try to rationalise the answer from previous knowledge and assumptions but those who KNOW do not argue. They simply turn to the books, tune the noise out and search for the answer they KNOW is there. Once they find it, they silence the rest of us with #fact. Just as the Quran says ‘guess is no substitute for the truth.’

There was this beautiful illustration of the Truth in the opening montage of a show on Iqraa TV with the same title. It showed a ship navigating stormy seas, bopping and swaying being battered by strong winds; then it emerged victoriously from the storm into a fine sunny day with calm waters. That is how the truth is. It will always triumph!
ship in a storm
The truth doesn’t advertise itself, it doesn’t need to. Our Nigerian joke is that garri is not advertised but millions of Nigerians drink it anyway. If the truth is not made manifest today or tomorrow, it will eventually emerge victorious whether we like it or not. It often fights its own fight. When people hear it, they know it is the truth even if they do not admit it. Like the Qur’an; like Islam. Some reverts returned to Islam after reading the Qur’an and knowing it is The Truth.

That is the truth for you. It may be concealed under layers of filth, dirt, pollution, corruption; but it will emerge eventually in sha Allah. And when it does, we will know for sure.

2 thoughts on “TRUTH Q13.1, Q17.81, Q53.27-8

  1. Rukayyat says:

    Falsehood comes in different forms- shapes and sizes, but there is only one truth and it will surely prevail. Allahu Akbar.

    Never heard about the garri joke. But so true and cracked some ribs.


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