When we watch the making of a movie, especially those with computer-generated images, we see the actors enact scenes in a studio with a humongous green background. The end result is the movie we watch in the cinemas which have the green replaced by impressive 3-D imagery.

My thoughts usually go to the actors though, how they are able to act with or without props, relying on the instructions of the movie director, and their imagination. Those who act without the props confound me even more! They simply follow the script, optimistic of making a flick that will become a success at the box-office; a smash hit! I don’t think I could pretend to be hurt, horrified or happy when I cannot see what is supposedly triggering my emotions. I really don’t think I could do that unless my life depended on it.

Maybe, it does…
Our lives are, in essence, played out on a stage. We can’t see the Big Picture in The Director’s Mind, but we do see some parts of the puzzle which may not always make sense. However, we decide to believe in Allah and follow His Script like the actor chooses to follow instructions, with the hope that, in the end, it will culminate in success at the box office. We in turn, hope to attain an outstanding success both in this world and in the Hereafter.

So let’s believe and have faith in Allah’s Script of the Quran. The eventual outcome will be a smash hit, in sha Allah!

4 thoughts on “SMASH HIT Q2.1-5

  1. Amazing reflection! It is so true indeed that for some of the scenes we rely wholly on Allah SWT and in turn those are the scenes that turn out having the most amazing special effect in the actual movie


  2. Rukayyat says:

    For me, this article is a continuation of the weekend challenge. NO COMPLAINTS , have faith in Allah and your life and the hereafter will be a SMASH HIT.

    Jazakillahukhairan. Nice one


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