Today’s challenge is about complaints.

Oh, my, we do love to complain! We express displeasure at the weather, at our jobs, our employers/employees, our spouses, our friends, our kids, our houses, our health, the traffic, the Ummah (Muslim Community), sights, smells, sounds, tastes…the list can go on till tomorrow!
SubhanAllah! How terrible this is. We convert something enjoyable to something distasteful and something distasteful to something abominable. This is particularly true of me when watching our Nollywood home videos. I point out all the errors and inconsistencies in them that until there is often no hope of enjoying them no matter how good the script is. Occasionally, when I lay aside my complaining tongue, I realise it’s not so bad after all.

Same with our jobs: we begin a job we like and enjoy it for a while until the complaints begin; from co-workers then ourselves. Before we know it, we are job-hunting again for an elusive better offer.

Same with our lives: we refuse to see how Allah has blessed us but spend the whole time bemoaning our fate. We are undergraduate then we graduate. Oh no! We are single! Then we eventually get married: childless. When we have children: no boy/girl. When we do get both sexes: grandchildren. And when they come: our health and so it goes until we are buried.

Today, no complaints! Which of Allah’s Favours can we deny? Let’s endeavour to enjoy all we have and be grateful. The less we complain, the happier we will become.

Are you taking up the challenge with me?


  1. SubhanAllah! Yesterday I was reading Surah Ar Rahman and I decided to try to not complain at all when we have so many blessings! Almost forgot about it 😛 Thanks for the reminder sis!!


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