GIVING ALMS Q2.261-65, Q17.26-8, Q107.1-7

‘Hadjia, please give me money to buy sugar for my garri,’ pleaded an ‘almajiri’ boy clutching a plastic bowl of garri.
‘You are not hungry. If you are, you will drink it like that!’ she retorted, snatching her hand from his grip.
Another scenario involved a rather wealthy lady who decided to ‘dash’ a roadside beggar a fraction of her wealth. She stood in front of the beggar, rummaged through her large tote bag, eventually retrieved her purse, brought out a wad of notes, riffled through the mouth-watering denominations and finally parted with the lowest denomination note.

I will leave you to justify both behaviours if you may but, we should remember that all we own is from Allah and giving it out is returning it to Him, nay, it is an investment. How we spend our money will be demanded from us, each kobo must be accounted for.

There is no compulsion in giving alms, no Islam police to arrest us if we don’t. We don’t have to if we don’t want to but we should remember that our actions shall be judged according to our intention. It shouldn’t matter if we think the beggar is pretending or not; we will be rewarded for giving anyway. What if we cannot afford to give at the moment? Then we should behave as instructed in the verse Q17.28. Speak kindly to the needy while awaiting Allah’s mercy.

Finally, we should emulate Rasulullah (SAW) and not let our left hand know what our right is giving.

May Allah accept our ibadah.

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