SURAT-U-NUH Q19.58-9, Q71.21-8

This surah is quite sad.
It is about one of the first messengers of Allah, Nuh (ASW) who believed and tried to bring people to the religion of monotheism. He had called them day and night but seemed to only succeed in sending them further away. He called them one-on-one, addressed them in public but they simply refused to listen!

Finally, he was fed up and beseeched Allah to preserve the small group of believers he had and destroy the unbelievers before they increased in numbers and corrupted the small group. Allah responded to his prayer and the Great Flood happened.

If only Nuh (ASW) were around to see what is happening. How that small band he feared would be corrupted and beseeched Allah to preserve their iman has spawned such evil that has pervaded the world. How disillusioned, demoralised, defeated and deflated he would feel if he could catch a glimpse of us now; the children of the believers he feared would be polluted.

We have really lost it; our compass, GPRS, our sense of direction is gone with no Islamic knowledge to navigate us back to safety – to Jannah. It is never too late to retrace our steps to the Straight Path. ‘Verily, He is Oft-Forgiving’ and Merciful too.

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