I DON’T KNOW Q6.116, 119

One of the reasons arguments are discouraged is that they often degenerate into saying things we are unsure of, things that are untrue and indeed, things we have no knowledge about. Worst is it devolves into a shouting match where the participating parties insult each other!
How many times do you begin an argument and find yourself giving false or assumed definitions just to prove that you are right, to impress, to save face, to show your opponent that your view is the only correct one? We end up misleading others like the Qur’an mentioned in 6.116 and 119. We should avoid misleading and being mislead.

It doesn’t have to be an argument that will bring this deceit to the fore. A child could ask a question, our boss could ask our opinion, we could be giving an interview, a stranger could be asking directions, a rival could be trying to upstage us…the Nigerian viral video ‘My Oga at the Top’ is a perfect illustration.

It doesn’t kill to say ‘I don’t know.’ If anything, it is more mature, shows credibility and speaks volumes about your integrity. Alternatively, you could say, ‘I am sorry, I can’t remember at the moment,’ or ‘Tell you what; I’ll find out and let you know.’ We cannot know everything, all knowledge is with Allah.

2 thoughts on “I DON’T KNOW Q6.116, 119

  1. Rukayyat says:

    it’s really difficult for me to say the words ‘ i don’t know’. especially in my professional practice. i don’t want to be looked at as ‘a hijabi who doesn’t know anything’. just wondering if there are others who share this thought?


    • Well, I obviously don’t share your feelings but I do understand. However, the important & wise ones will respect your honesty better than shallow petty people would.

      I think it shows humility though, to admit one doesn’t know.


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