TRANSIENT Q23.112-3, Q30.55

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This life is ephemeral. How long is the average life span compared with eternity? As an adult, you will flippantly tell a teenager to stop worrying that her breasts haven’t grown or that he has lot of pimples because you know that teenage is a very transient period. Things will change once they add on a couple of years.

Our first day at primary or secondary school always seemed so important that we could hardly sleep. We were so excited and scared of what the day would bring that we would check and recheck our uniform, new underwear, socks, shoes, books and bag.

On the ride to school, we wouldn’t be able to sit still. If we are asked what happened that first day, only some of us would readily recall. If asked about the second day, only a handful of us (if at all) will remember sketchy details. Alright, let’s say that is a distant memory. What about if I asked you what you had for lunch 5days ago; or your outfit Wednesday last week?
Our lifespan with respect to eternity is likewise; even more so.

On the Day of Judgement (after being dead for centuries), if Allah asks about what we did on earth, it will be such a distant and insignificant memory. The only memory of significance will be how much time we spent doing what Allah ordered us to do.
Our sojourn on Earth is just that: a sojourn, a trip, a journey, a fraction of a whole. We shouldn’t lose sight of our focus and future in the Hereafter. May Allah make it easy and remind us constantly of our purpose on Earth.

Rabbana atina fiddunya hassanatan, wa fil aakhirati hassanatan wakinna adhaaba naar.

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