When was the last time you prayed outdoors, apart from Eid prayers? When did you ever take your prayer rug outside and lay it on the grass, beach sand or snow? Have you or your children ever climbed a tree or rock to call the adhan? Or performed ablution in a cool clear stream?

There is such an intensity that comes with praying outdoors, particularly for us women. It just feels so delicious and awe-inspiring and special. The wonder of Allah’s creation surrounds us and is filled with such beauty and colour. Fruits, birds, animals, trees, mountains, the sun, the clouds, the moon, stars…the quiet serenity of nature…
Challenge yourself and pray outdoors today. You will be glad you did!
PS. I would love for you to send me your pictures and share your experiences. Do e-mail me @ anchorwithkeidi@gmail.com and I will share your pictures with us all.

6 thoughts on “WEEKDAY CHALLENGE: OUTDOORS Q16.3-18

  1. Hafsah Agbabiaka says:

    It has really been long. Like, Subhannallah! Its close to 10yrs now. When we were staying with my parents-in-law. It was actually a wonderful experience, with the breeze and a chance to gaze at the sky!


  2. miss Lawal says:

    I av never prayed outside before xcept for Eid prayers……but am guessing it would be really gratifying to do!!!
    Keidi let’s pray outside togeda when nxt we see nw..deal?


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