IN SHA ALLAH Q18.39-43, Q68.17-28

Today’s post is about remembering Allah when we make plans for the future, even if the future is a minute, a couple of hours or decades away. The verses are self-explanatory, I really don’t think I need to elucidate further but I’ll share a story I heard. And since it’s a Friday, we should endeavour to read Surah Kahf in its entirety.

Every doctor especially one who has his private practice, wishes for one of his children to become a doctor too, and take over from him. Heck, it’s not just doctors, every entrepreneur steers his children in the direction of a career that will enable them step into and fill his shoes so he can retire happy. An enterprising and rich doctor had invested immensely in his private practice and was grooming his child to take over. He was completely assured his wishes would be fulfilled but eventually, the child didn’t get admission to study medicine despite his moving heaven and earth to accomplish this. The father was so pained!

I know he will stop at nothing to accomplish his aim, however, aren’t there numerous retired doctors with children with MBBS who are absolutely uninterested in their parents’ hospitals? Have you not heard of children who were forced into a field they disliked and eventually ran the family business to the ground? One cannot force what Allah did not intend to happen.

Everything we do is subject to Allah’s Will and we should always remember that. When we talk of the future, we should include insha Allah (if Allah wills).

Till tomorrow then…in sha Allah.

4 thoughts on “IN SHA ALLAH Q18.39-43, Q68.17-28

  1. Rukayyat says:

    reminds me of the hadeeth that tells us about the story of a man ( not sure if he was a prophet) who had many wives and he vowed to sleep with all of them in one night so that they can bear him ‘mujahids’ (persons who fight in the cause of Allah ). but he forgot to say the ‘magic word’ inshaa Allah . so only one of his wives conceived and gave birth to a deformed child.

    the big lesson here is- even if what we intend do is honourable and pleasing to Allah, we should not just assume we’ve gotten His automatic ‘backing’. we only get ‘it’ when we say inshaa Allah. mashaAllah.


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