GUILT Q7.11-18, 200, 201

Have you ever followed your inclinations (after suppressing your conscience) only to wonder in regret, why you allowed yourself fall into Shaytan’s trap in the first place? After the sin, you feel unworthy of Allah’s Mercy; too ashamed to stand in His Presence for daily prayers.
Masha Allah, it is a good thing that one feels bad about performing evil deeds but you should not deny yourself the beauty of closeness to Allah because of your sins. You need Him now more than ever.

When Allah banished Shaytan from Heaven, he made a supplication, which Allah accepted. If Allah can accept Iblis’ request, how grievous are your sins that He cannot accept yours?
Specifically because Shaytan promised to distract us every way possible, Allah said in a Hadith Qudsi, ‘Indeed, Shaytan said: My Lord, by Your Honour and Might, I will not stop misleading Your slaves as long as their souls remain in their bodies. So Allah responded: By My Honour, Might and Majesty, I will not stop forgiving them as they seek my forgiveness.’-Ahmad

By making a du’a and saying Ya Rabb (Oh Lord), Shaytan acknowledged the lofty position of Allah but he still sought, indeed still seeks, to include us amongst the lost to fill Jahannam with him. He invites us to evil by making it look beautiful then blames us after we succumb for disobeying Allah.

Let us turn our stumbling blocks to stepping stones and seek Allah’s forgiveness in spite of Shaytan’s evil whispers. Let us overcome him and get on board the train of repentance to Allah.

Don’t you forget this: so long as Shaytan misleads or attempts to mislead us, Allah is waiting for us with arms wide-open for us to return to Him. However, we should not abuse His Benevolence and return to our vomit. We should admit our errors, and depart from them.

2 thoughts on “GUILT Q7.11-18, 200, 201

  1. Rukayyat says:

    ‘ We should admit our errors,
    and depart from them.’

    the problem is most of us are not ready to admit our errors. we scout and vigorously look for fatwa or excuses to justify our shortcomings. only if we can be humble and admit we are wrong and return to Allah with sincere repentance for verily He is Most Forgiving Most Merciful


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