There is an old saying about calling a spade a spade but I guess the operational word is ‘old’ because in this jet-age, a spade probably has a hundred different names in various slangs.

Jumping the queue is ‘shunting’, insulting is ‘dissing’ or ‘yabbing’, a lie is a ‘fib’, gossip is ‘gist’, while fornication is ‘making out’ . You are simply ‘greasing palms’ not bribing; ‘getting high’ not intoxicated and ‘playing a fast one’ not cheating’.
We appear to think such ‘cool’ euphemisms make vices less offensive. These synonyms do not change the fact that some are sins, irrespective of how cool they sound. Because virtually all movies have sex scenes or nudity but are labelled ‘G’ for general viewing doesn’t make it okay to watch. When hip-hop artistes call the ladies in their videos derogatory names, it doesn’t mean it’s alright for us to address our sisters by such epithets. The point is no matter how gorgeous vices are wrapped, their content is still vile and a Muslim should stay away from them.

May Allah strengthen our resolve.

Do you have any slangs to share?

8 thoughts on “WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING Q5.90-2, Q6.120

  1. “Staying away” is not only for Muslims, it is for all humankind, in my opinion. It is imperative we see through the deceit of mass media and the apathetic society that can not take a stand. Just because it has a label that deems it appropriate doesn’t mean it is.

    I very much enjoyed this post and am going to spend the few minutes my children will allow to read more. Thank you!


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