sunny day
Oh, the heat! It is about 40ºC outside and your car air-conditioner is on at full blast, yet you are sweaty. You cannot wait to get home, take off your clothes and have a cold shower and a tall cool drink. You return home only to find that the tap water is nothing like imagined, it feels like boiled water! To crown it all, there is power outage so no shower and no tall cool drink for you.

All that is left to do is to wait for sunset when the temperature might drop a few degrees and it wouldn’t be so terribly hot! That would be a more convenient time to go for a stroll, a visit or shopping.

If you live in the temperate regions, it is not summer but winter may not have quite given up yet. It may be so terribly cold that you are snowed in. You may be fully garbed in layers and layers of clothing which cannot seem to keep the cold out. The nights are particularly fickle and you find yourself silently counting down to sunrise for some warm sunshine.

Have you stopped to wonder about the beauty of the night and the day and the cyclicity of the sun; at how we seek respite in the alternation depending on the severity of the weather? Have we stopped to consider how miserable it would be if we had only days of sweltering heat for months at a stretch; with no respite in the night when the sun goes down? And how challenging Ramadan would be if it fell within such a period?

How about if Allah allowed the nights of blistering bone-numbing cold continue without respite for months at length? How depressing will it be to wake up to the moon and more cold for nights on end, with no end in sight? No golden warm rays of the sun to lift the gloom from our lives.

No, we rarely think of that. All we do is complain of too much sun, rain, snow, heat, dust, wind etc. The weather can really test our patience but it is all a part of Allah’s beautiful world. And remember, it could be much worse than it already is.

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