MY CASHEW PLANT Q13.4, Q56.63-5

Yes, you read the topic right! I want to tell you about my cashew plant.

We had just moved into a new house when I conceived so my nesting instinct was quite high. We had a sizeable yard and I had visions of how green, lush and flowery I wanted it to be. Potted plants, trees, maybe a swing, a vegetable patch, shrubs…until the cost of establishing such in Abuja dawned on me. Not deterred, I saved seeds from fruits I ate and tried my hands at planting them. While I will like to hope I have a green thumb, I do not quite believe it so any time I plant, it’s a gamble.

Anyway, in the early months of my pregnancy, I got two cashew seeds which I planted separately in the yard. I knew I wouldn’t always remember to water them and weed around them but I prayed they would both grow. After planting, I looked at both spots dubiously but hopefully. I hope I planted at the right time, in the right place, in the right soil. Was there some technique I was supposed to employ in placing the seed in the hole? Some depth I was supposed to achieve? I had no idea so I just left them there and watered them and weeded whenever I remembered.

Then one morning…voila! A seedling! I was sooooo excited. I took a picture with my phone but it is not good enough to share. It was so cool! But when the other seed refused to germinate, I eventually went to the spot of the failed plant to diagnose why it failed to germinate. Maybe it lacked water, too much sun? Anyhow, it bolstered my courage to plant some more and our yard is less barren.

Reading these verses (Q13.4, Q56.63-5), I feel Allah is talking to me. It wasn’t my green thumb that grew the cashew, it was Allah.
And here is my cashew plant now; delivering its first fruit.

Allah akbar!

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