I have mentioned that I love animations, right? I watched Stuart Little 3 sometime back and the skunk Reeko said he thought other animals did not relate with him because he’s a skunk but he eventually realised it was because he acted like a jerk.

Many of us love to come up with excuses why people don’t like us (not everyone will like us anyway). Common reasons we give: being Muslim, black, poor, ugly, nerdy, unintelligent, short, fat, pimple-faced, flat-chested, knock-kneed, having bad skin, short hair, bad teeth, bad breath, flat nose, that people are jealous of us, etc.

We carefully ignore the fact that Musa (ASW) had a speech impediment, the Prophet (SAW) was unlettered, Roosevelt was crippled, Helen Keller was blind, deaf and mute…these people overcame their ‘limitations.’ In some cases, these stumbling blocks became their stepping stones.

We should all look in the mirror and face the truth. Allah has shaped us well from our mothers’ wombs. It’s not the nose or the chest, it’s our lack of confidence that makes people pick on us; it’s our lousy attitude and bad manners that alienates us; our personalities that suck. The Late Mother Teresa was not much to look at but she seemed larger than life. When you truly care for people, they will love you. There are people out there, worse than you are, yet they are making the most of their lives. ‘No one makes you feel inferior without your consent’- Eleanor Roosevelt.
Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet (SAW) was asked, ‘What admits people to Paradise the most?’ and he said: Piety and good manners. – Sunan Ibn Majah Book 37, Hadith 4387 graded Sahih

We need to build ourselves, love ourselves and show people we care for them irrespective of who they are or what they look like. Smile. Share. Listen. Care. Apologise. Forgive. A beautiful personality and good manners never go out of style and they are welcome in every religion. What better way to give da’awah (invite to Islam) than to show beautiful manners?

Discuss with your close friends and family members what negative traits you possess and how you can improve. Begin to work on yourself from today!

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