An episode of the family sitcom ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ had the main character’s teacher give them a test which she said would not be graded. He did not read, played hard, flunked the test and found out that it WAS to be graded!
In life, we give our all sometimes and much less at other times, thinking it doesn’t matter but it does. We feel because we have been given ‘free will’, we are at liberty to misbehave. In our final year exams, about 30 students were not eligible to write because of their poor attendance at classes which was part of the continuous assessment. They had thought the attendances we signed in class during lectures did not matter since no one had said they were compulsory. They were wrong.

What is the percentage of our continuous assessment with Allah? Is it up to 50%? How is our attendance at prayers? If our continuous assessment (which is a greater percentage than our exams) is deficient, do we really think we will pass our exams?

We have to meet up with the minimum daily requirement before dreaming lofty dreams like scoring 100% in our exams. What I mean is that we cannot keep skipping our salawat and living a carefree lifestyle then when Ramadan rolls by, we drop everything and try to attain 100%.

Allah is grading us every second of everyday and EVERYTHING we do matters and adds up towards our outcome in the Hereafter. Let’s spend our time usefully. Each second counts.

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