The Story of the Boy and the King Q85.4-14

In Sahih Muslim, Shu’aib narrated that the Prophet of Allah shared the story of the boy and the King. The story was about a boy who was sent for apprenticeship at a sorcerer’s by the King. On his way to his appointment, he would stop by a monk’s to hear his speech then proceed to the sorcerer’s afterwards. Eventually, he decided to test which of the two was preferable to Allah and he found it to be the monk. The boy was blessed by Allah with the gift to heal people but the monk begged him not to inform the King about him as he anticipated the boy would be put to trial.

The King finally heard of the boy’s cures through a courtier who claimed he had been cured by Allah. After being tormented, he revealed he was cured by Allah through the boy. The boy was summoned and tortured to reveal his mentor, the monk. The monk was brought and killed for failure to apostate; so was the courtier. When it was the boy’s turn, the King ordered him to be flung from the top of a mountain if he refused to give up his religion. That attempt and another failed because the boy sought Allah’s Help.
Then the boy returned to the king and the king said, ‘What did your companions do?’
The boy replied, ‘Allah saved me from them’. Then he said to the king, ‘You will not be able to kill me until you do as I order you. And if you do as I order, you will be able to kill me.’

The king asked, ‘And what is that?’
The boy said, ‘Gather the people in one elevated place and tie me to the trunk of the tree; then take an arrow from my quiver and say, ‘In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the Boy.’ If you do this, you will be able to kill me.’
So he did this, and placing the arrow in the bow, he shot it, saying, ‘In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy’. The arrow hit the boy in the temple, and the boy placed his hand over the arrow wound and died.

The people proclaimed, ‘We believe in the Lord of the boy!’
Then it was said to the king, ‘Do you see what has happened? That which you feared has taken place. By Allah, all the people have believed (in the Lord of the boy). So, the king ordered that ditches be dug at the entrance of the roads and it was done, and fire kindled in them. burning ditch

Then the king said, ‘Whoever abandons his religion, let him go; and whoever does not, throw them into the fire’. They were struggling and scuffling into the fire, until a woman and her baby whom she was breast feeding came and it was as if she was being somewhat hesitant of falling in the fire, so her baby said to her, ‘Be patient mother, for verily, you are following the truth!’ (So she threw herself in the ditch of the fire along with her child to be with the martyrs in the Paradise). (Sahih Muslim, Vol.4, Hadith no. 7148).

Masha Allah! May Allah keep us as steadfast in His Deen.

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