A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE Q20.110,114; Q31.27

Do you remember being in an examination hall, and the panic that hits you when the invigilator says, ‘30 minutes more!’? The panic is not from what little time you have to write out all you know but from how much time others have to write even more! All around you, pens are scribbling furiously, lower lips being bitten in anxiety but you have finished the exam. You even have blank pages and cannot think of a single thing to add.

Your fears escalate when your classmate raises her hand and demands urgently, ‘Extra answer booklet, please!’ Your eyes widen. She really cannot be serious! Is she serious? You realise she is serious as she begins to draw diagrams as soon as she gets the new booklet. Perhaps, you shouldn’t be in this exam hall writing the same exam with people so knowledgeable. How on Earth did you get into this class?

Allah says in Surah Luqman: If all the trees on earth were pens and the oceans were ink…
Can you imagine what all that knowledge encompasses? Allah is Al-Alim. He knows everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! Our knowledge can never compass anything of His Knowledge except what He wills. So, what do we think we know that makes us so arrogant? What technology has helped us accomplish is probably the stuff a couple of millions of trees and an ocean of ink or two will exhaust, bearing in mind that we are beginning to retain less information and becoming heavily reliant on gadgets.

But Allah’s Knowledge! His Words! Allah Akbar!

A child learns something new and hastens to share it, to show off. Even as adults, we are quick to brandish what we have learnt and visit all the initials behind or in front of our names to let people know how learned we are. We toss information with impunity and forget to ask Allah to expand our horizons with more knowledge.

It is only the naive that will believe they know everything. If you read, truly read, you will discover that the more you read, the more there is to learn.

Do have a great day!

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