PLAN A OR B? Q7.197, Q39.8-9, Q102.1-8

‘Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tyre?’

That was the interesting thought-provoking message I saw on a bumper sticker.
Many of us sprint through life like a bullet, focused on securing whatever material needs which will make us attain that elusive feeling of success. Then, when an obstacle stops us in our tracks, we:

• Try to remedy it ourselves. If that doesn’t work, we
• Call for help from people (Q7.197). If that fails, we then
• Turn to Allah

At that 3rd stage, we reluctantly roll out our spare tyre to replace the damaged one. For some unfortunate ones, they realise at that point that they do not eve n possess a spare at such a crucial moment. They know no surahs or dua, haven’t prayed in years so cannot get back on the road! It doesn’t have to be this way.
steering wheel
We should wear our cloaks of prayer consistently and not leave them hanging in the back of the closet only to be worn when we’ve exhausted our clean clothes. We should stop seeing prayers as that unpalatable meal we resort to when there is nothing savoury to eat. Calling on Allah should be something we do before we embark on anything, not only when what we embark on fails.

What if we cannot help our outlook and still see prayers as that ‘uncool’ party for nerds, we should still attend it and participate fully; maybe Allah will change our perception and we will begin to enjoy it. Insha Allah.

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